Something that has been popping up all over the internet in recent days is instructions on how to make your own face mask to protect yourself and those around you when in public. While masks are not going to be completely effective in preventing infection, they will be an additional tool to work in unison with handwashing and social distancing.

The directions from the CDC have changed from recommending that people should not be wearing a mask in public to that they should wear one that is home-made. N95 masks should still be reserved for medical professionals, but it is relatively simple to make a mask that will serve its purpose when you are around people. Whether you can use a sewing machine or not, you should be able to get a functional face-covering put together. In fact, on the CDC website, you can find instructions on how to make a mask just using an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

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What Every Homebuyer in Florida Should Know

Before you buy a home here in Florida, there is some important information you should know - important information from the perspective of a Certified Master Inspector.

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