People often clean and cover the smell of nicotine in their homes. With time though, that smell will come back and it may be necessary to think of a more permanent solution.

Here are some suggestions on how best to get rid of such a stubborn odor.

Oily residue from nicotine could be covering the light bulbs already existing in the house. When the light is switched on and the bulb starts getting hot, the odor could be diffusing into the air. This is a very simple issue to resolve, but one we may not of thought of. Clean them thoroughly, or better still, replace them.

Cleaners containing ammonia are good to use for hard surface cleaning. It’s best not to use such an acidic cleaner when cleaning surfaces like woodwork though.

Unfortunately, getting rid of tobacco odor from carpeting is almost impossible. This will most likely need to be removed and replaced. It’s very important to make sure the flooring underneath is cleaned before installing a new carpet.

If the windows have blinds, take them down and soak in a bathtub. Give them a thorough scrub and let hang to dry. If the home came with curtains that you wish to keep, you may need to have these cleaned professionally.

Painting the walls is a good idea as it traps the odor, but be aware that some tobacco odor could still seep through.

Cleaning and replacing any filters that are in the home will help, as these can quickly become very dirty.

Specialty ‘smoker candles’ can neutralize tobacco odor.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you in your battle to keep you home odor free.

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