We all need water to live as we know. It is an essential part of staying healthy. Isn’t it important then to learn a little more about the water that comes from our faucet that we usually take for granted? Where can we find the truth about what’s in our water supply?

Where does the drinking water in my area come from?

In largely populated areas like cities, your water will usually come from a source like a reservoir, lake, or river. This is a surface water source. This does not necessarily mean its a water source in your immediate area but could be from many miles away.

Would you just look at the particular body of water to see if your water is good? No, it’s important to consider the surrounding area of the water source. How is the land around it? Is it farmland or are there factories nearby? This area around the water is called the watershed.

What about areas that are more rural? In this case, the water may come from another source, such as a well. The water for these wells come from a natural underground reservoir, or aquifer. As with a surface water source, the surrounding area of the well should also be considered.

It may feel like a daunting task to know how to get more information about your drinking water, and we will be discussing this in future blogs. For a more comprehensive look at the water in your area, get in touch with the supplier of water for your area. Since 1999 every community water supplier has to have an annual report available to its customers. This report shows the water source, as well as any contaminants that are in the water.  

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