One thing that can really disturb the peace in our homes is unwanted pests and cockroaches are among the worst offenders. They can spread disease and cause allergies and asthma for the home’s occupants. Not only that but they can be very difficult to remove from a home as they produce huge numbers of offspring, can live on very little in the way of food and have the ability to survive under water for as long as 30 minutes. With good reason, then, we would want to do all we can to prevent cockroaches from setting up home in our properties, so, what are some ways to do this?

Cockroaches love a dirty, greasy environment with lots of moisture. One place that usually provides these conditions is the kitchen. On a regular basis, give the kitchen a thorough cleaning. This should include cleaning behind and underneath appliances, even the larger ones, under the sink and kitchen cabinets. Keep the sink as dry as you can and place a tight lid on the trash can. It’s a good idea to store food in tightly sealed containers and try not to leave out pet food for too long. Cockroaches will generally avoid well lit areas so, at nighttime, you might want to consider leaving some lights on.

While we have mentioned the kitchen as being attractive to cockroaches, there are other areas of a home where they can thrive. The bathroom is another area. Again, this is an area that should be kept very clean and as dry as possible. Crawlspaces are another area you can find them. If you discover any leaking pipes or dripping taps, be sure to fix them immediately to eliminate the attraction for a cockroach. If you see any possible entry points, seal them.

While these are some preventative steps to take, what should you do if in the case of a particularly bad cockroach infestation? This is the time to call in a pest control professional who can treat the problem. As a way of controlling them after, however, place boric acid in places where cockroaches have been active.

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