Ever wonder how that punk down the street keeps breaking into houses (you know who he is, the kid with all the cool stuff that your friends used to own)? You know he’s not that smart or talented… but somehow, he’s in and out and never gets caught.

Bump keys are a cheap and effective way to surpass one of our most relied on safeguards, the lock on our front door. These keys are cut at the lowest depth for a brand. This allows this key to be inserted completely. While turning the key, a slight bump jars the pins allowing the cylinder to rotate, unlocking the lock. There more advanced techniques, but all simply enough that any teenagers could figure it out.

What can you do? Buying a “good” lock may not be the answer, as their action is so smooth it actually assist with the bump effect. Some locks offer a bump proof feature, but few are bump resistant. A lock smith can replace the pins with spool pens. This reduces the effectiveness of the bump.

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