We all like fire. Some of us are great at starting fires. But the scariest fires are the ones we don’t mean to start. If you’ve ever thrown a shirt over a lamp, you probably learned just how hot certain lightbulbs can get and just how flammable clothing can be. If you have never experienced this yourself, well, clothes are very flammable, and light bulbs can get really, really hot…

Interestingly, closets often have clothes and lightbulbs together in a very tight space. The types of lights used along with the spacing between the light and the storage space is very important. Depending on the type of light (LED, fluorescent, or incandescent) and mount (surface vs recessed) this spacing is usually a minimum of six to twelve inches.

Surface mounted LED and fluorescent lights can be in the actual storage space. So that might sound like an easy solution. But we also have to consider how the light effects how we see color. Incandescent lights help us to see “true” color. Fluorescent lights typically have very poor color rendering. LED lights are probably best compromise to reduce fire risk and have reasonable color correctness.

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