Two decades ago, we would have thought you were talking about someone living in a third-world country if you mentioned bed bugs. But these guys are alive and well. Maybe a little too well.

Bed bugs are actually a parasite. They eat blood. Why do we see a pandemic scale re-emergence of a parasite that was once nearly eradicated? Two things: a) increased world travel and b) cessation of the use of DDT. Although no one wants a parasitic infestation in their home, these infestations seem to be little more than annoyance. They do bite and may cause skin irritation, but there are no known cases of their spreading disease.

Bed bugs are like like small, flat ovals. About the size of a small apple seed. They are rust colored. Young bed bugs are smaller and somewhat translucent, and lighter in color. They may have a musty odor. Although, avoidance is your best option (don’t stay in sketchy hostels if you don’t need to…) removal should be done by a professional as it’s easy to make an infestation worse.

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