If you are looking for a classic exterior, then aluminum paneling is definitely the way to go. At one point, very popular, it is not seen as much today. Like most things metallic, a lot of energy is required to create aluminum siding as compared to other materials.

However, it’s light weight, easy to install and transports. It’s durable; it can last four to five decades. Longer if well maintained. It’s water proof and fireproof.  It doesn’t rot. It can even be recycled. But it does have serious draw backs. It can dent and corrode. When it gets scratch, you can see the aluminum shine through, so scratches tend to be very noticeable.

Perhaps the worst part, is the noise. Think small child banging on a pots and pans when it rains or hails. Although not as popular as it once was, it is still used and is a solid siding option.

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