Everyone loves to grill. Gas grills make that joy easy and clean. But anytime we have fuel and an open flame we have a hazard. There are over 500 fires every year involving an outdoor gas grill.

Storage and use of the fuel are critical. On a one or two-family home property, you can have more than two propane tanks (the normal 20lb tanks sold with most barbeques). Always turn off the gas at the tank when you’re done grilling. You should shut off the gas whenever you change the tank as well. Never store tanks near heat source or in your trunk.

If you think you might have a link in your system, spray soapy water over your connections and hoses. If the leak appears to be a connection point, disconnect, and reconnect. Then spray again (with the gas on). Be sure you resolve any leaks before you grill.

PRO(pane) TIP: always open your grill when you light it!

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