So, you want to stay cool but you don’t want to turn the air on? Ceiling fans are a common, economical solution to cooling. Although they don’t actually cool the room, the wind chill affect does make us more comfortable. They can also move warm air making heating more efficient. Ceiling fans are relatively simple, but there are some common concerns:

Getting hit by a fan blade probably is not going to kill you, but getting hit by an entire fan certainly could. Falling fans are a real danger. Fans should be properly mounted on junction boxes designed for that use along with a fan brace.

You’ve probably seen a fan that wobbles. Usually the cause is a bent, warped, loose or misaligned blade. It can be pretty annoying, but will not cause a properly mounted fan to fall. The wobbling could shake loose the light fixtures that are not properly tightened.

Improper fan blade rotation is a common problem to fans that “don’t cool.” In the heat, a fan should push air down to cause an air chill. To push air, the leading edge of the blades should be the higher. In the cold, the leading edge should be lower to pull air up circulating the heat. This can usually be done with a switch on the fan housing. Some fans will require manually changing the blade mount.

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