Grillin Outside Maxin and Relaxin

Everyone loves to grill. Gas grills make that joy easy and clean. But anytime we have fuel and an open flame we have a hazard. There are over 500 fires every year involving an outdoor gas grill. Storage and use of the fuel are critical. On a one or two-family home...

Cool Fan.

So, you want to stay cool but you don’t want to turn the air on? Ceiling fans are a common, economical solution to cooling. Although they don’t actually cool the room, the wind chill affect does make us more comfortable. They can also move warm air making...

Get The Moisture Outta Here!

Why are your bathroom walls crying? You’ve seen it. Stains down the paint of the wall, outlined by a line of dirt as it slowly cuts through the otherwise imperceptible film of dust. But like tears cutting through make-up on someone’s face. Other indicators of...
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What Every Homebuyer in Florida Should Know

Before you buy a home here in Florida, there is some important information you should know - important information from the perspective of a Certified Master Inspector.

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