A little rain never hurt, right? Well, maybe not. Water collected off the roof of the average American home can be well over a thousand gallons with just an inch of rain. Where does all that water go?

When working well, gutters and downspouts provide a simple and effective solution for moving water away from a building. Otherwise, the roof run off from even a small storm could saturate the ground around a building. This water would then be wicked into the foundation.

Ensuring gutters and downspouts are working correctly helps reduce moisture problems in a building. Gutters should have a down slope of 1/16-inch per foot, towards the downspout. Basically, gutters need to be sloped enough to keep water moving. If you notice standing water, it may not be angled properly. Make sure there are no leaks or dents (e.g. from cars bumping them). Double check the connections, especially where the gutter meets the downspout. Be sure the downspout joints are installed the correct direction.

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